How to effectively target cannabis dispensary customers?

What is retargeting?


Retargeting is a method used in marketing to remind cannabis consumers of certain products that they would be interested in purchasing based on their preference or even purchase history. Retargeting is most commonly used in Facebook, Instagram advertising and is known to be a lot more cost-effective than mass advertising, unfortunately in the cannabis industry, we come across a lot of restrictions when it comes to social media advertising, making it harder for us to market.

Statistics show that 97% of first-time website visitors do not purchase, retargeting is a way to bring them back and remind them why they should purchase.

Why is retargeting important for cannabis dispensaries?


If you are a cannabis dispensary and are spending a large amount of money on mass marketing, but are not getting the results you want, you may want to ask yourself one thing. Are you targeting the right cannabis consumers with the right products they may actually like to purchase or know about based on their preference and purchase history? If not, then take a step back and re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

Re-targeting your customers for marketing purposes is extremely critical if your main focus is driving sales and profits. In an industry where there is a large focus on outbound marketing, dispensaries are constantly trying to bring in their customers to come into their stores via discounts and incentives. These SMS and email blasts are not effective if not targeted to the right person for that specific category incentive. If I purchase flower products and I get a deal about edibles, that will not drive me to purchase and in-fact will drive me to opt-out due to an invasive marketing method.

How are cannabis dispensaries currently re-targeting?


Nowadays, dispensaries spend time scraping their data from their POS and existing loyalty programs in the industry, to then be able to re-target dispensary loyalty program members with targeted deals based on user preference/interest.

Most times this takes too long, it’s inefficient and it’s not consistent or reliable. With CliqueMJ, dispensaries don’t need to aggregate their data or pay third-party data companies to do so. Cannabis consumers input their own interests, and via our dispensary CRM advanced customer analytics, dispensaries can see who has what interests and can then re-target those customers based on what they want.

What is the best practice for cannabis dispensary retargeting?


The CliqueMJ app is your customer retention program. Our main focus is to retain your existing customers and keep them returning to your dispensary. Our solution helps you do 3 things.

  1. Increase basket size
  2. Increase basket size more often
  3. Increase frequency

Once dispensary customers download the CliqueMJ app, it’s in their hands, it’s best to empower cannabis consumers to select their own preferences in what deals they would like to receive. If they like edibles they are getting edible deals. We call these targeted CliqueMJ deals which can be scheduled via the dispensary back-end portal days, weeks or months in advance.

At CliqueMJ we knew if we tailored the loyalty program to dispensary customers, we could facilitate the sale back to dispensaries.

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