Food and entertainment

Fully satisfy your customers by offering them the best food and entertainment deals near your store!

Give your customers double the reason to visit your store on the app.

Be the first in your community to offer your customers local munchies near your dispensary.

Why not give your customers a loyalty program that they would love to use? A place where they can collect their points, get access to your deals, and get food and entertainment offers from a nearby restaurant.

Increase Number of Impressions

Food and entertainment offers are found on your dispensary page, multiplying the number of profile visits will increase the number of impressions and views on your campaigns thus leading to a sale.

Free of Charge

CliqueMJ facilitates the distribution of food coupons solely,  no effort required from the dispensary, and in fact, it’s 100% free!

Share the love!

Have a bad reputation in your neighborhood? No problem! Help local restaurants nearby by re-directing your customers and become a valuable member of your community.


“So far has been great to use with multiple food deals near my Hollywood dispensary. Keep them coming!

- Dispensary customer
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