Accessible, Speedy, Self-Service CRM portal for you to start growing your revenue today.

Logging into your CRM portal through the website, we made it extremely simple for you to set up your account, and sit back, relax and watch your sales grow.

Customized to fit your business needs.

The CliqueMJ portal is designed to help your business succeed. It’s where you create, manage, and track your campaigns from when you create them to when they expire. It’s your safe haven where all your information is stored and secured.  

Simple and ease of use

Unlike other loyalty programs in the cannabis and smoke shop industry, the CliqueMJ portal is straight-forward and requires almost no training. It’s easily accessible through any computer and even on your mobile device!


In as fast as 5 minutes your store can be up and running on the CliqueMJ network. It will already be pre-populated with the most effective loyalty point structure that is almost guaranteed to convert. 


Schedule your daily/weekly offers, 3 days, a week, or even a month in advance and never have to worry about them. 

In-app texts

To replace the spam-like text messages causing high-opt out rates. We give you the option to send out in-app texts that cost nothing and have a higher response rate than a simple text message. 

Loyalty Buds ™

Flex your points with our customizable loyalty bud range. Choose how you would like to reward your customers for purchasing! Don’t know where to start? Let us pre-populate it for you. 

Data and Analytics

Get to know your customers with access to full reports of who your loyalty club members are and with integrations know what they have been purchasing. Retarget them effectively with new campaigns!

API Integration

CliqueMJ can integrate with your point of sale system in order for you to have access to all your loyalty club members from old systems in your portal. 


“The CliqueMJ platform is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, it took my marketing director 15 minutes to learn how to use it. We can also access our portal from our phone it’s great!”

- Santa monica dispensary
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Get ahead of your competition today.