CliqueMJ, The Loyalty Program for Dispensaries

Learn how you can benefit from signing up to a real loyalty program. For every dollar you spend with CliqueMJ you get a $35 return.

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We have changed the loyalty game.

CliqueMJ is your all in one mobile app for all your basic cannabis needs. Discover the nearest dispensaries follow and start collecting your points to unlock exclusive cannabis, food deals, and save money on weed.

Your Local Loyalty App For All Your Smoking Needs

CliqueMJ is the leading loyalty and marketing software for dispensaries looking to generate revenue and increase retention in a competitive and evolving industry.

The Dispensary Rewards Program You Need.

Increase retention, Drive purchases, Increase basket size, Generate more revenue all through enhanced engagement via our CliqueMJ app.

Mobile Loyalty App (Consumers)

The CliqueMJ Mobile app for dispensary customers. Learn More

Dispensary Portal CRM

In order for dispensaries to schedule daily/weekly deals and much more. Learn More

Data Analytics

Get in-depth information regarding your customers and your campaigns that you’ve sent out. Learn More

Food and Entertainment

Enhance your customers’ experience by offering them local food and entertainment coupons. Learn More

Loyalty Buds

Find out how you can flex your points with our Loyalty Bud feature. Learn More

Store Locator

Put your dispensary on the map in order for consumers to find what’s nearest to them! Learn More

In-app Texts

Send in-app texts to inform your customers about special offers with no additional costs! Learn More

Let our clients speak for themselves.

Why should you join our clique?

CliqueMJ is here for you. With our custom-built loyalty program, dispensaries of any shapes or sizes will be able to flex their points in order to maximize their ROI and succeed.

Less than 2% opt-out rate

Dispensary customers love to use the CliqueMJ app due to the non-invasive method of engagement. We do not spam our users unlike other loyalty programs in the industry.

$35 ROI

For every dollar a dispensary spends on the CliqueMJ platform they get $35 in return. Double the average ROI utilizing other dispensary loyalty programs.

100% secure

Our software and our dispensary portal are both hosted by AWS which is PCI level 1 compliant.

Having issues with customer retention?

With 101 things on your plate, we take care of the loyalty and marketing side of things.